Welcome to Ortrun

This game is no longer active

This site is left just to preserve the information that was created for the game for those who played it during its brief life. If you are looking for a current active supernatural game, I suggest you check out Apocalypse Later, which has been running for two years and is going strong. It's a great community, and I've got some awesome moderators at my side running it. Thank you for your interest!

Save Refuge Awaits…

Throughout the ages, humans have been swept up by the supernatural. Some were turned into vampires or werewolves; others were born capable of strange and unnatural things. Normal humans feared them, sometimes rightfully and others simply without discretion. Ortrun was established by a clan of powerful witches to create a safe haven where any supernatural being could come to learn or take refuge.

Only those welcomed by Otrun's Gatekeeper can enter, although few actually meet the Gatekeeper. Either they find themselves in the little town, or they walk past it like it isn't even there.

As the Otrun stands now, it looks like a very small run-down college town nestled amidst a thick temperate forest. Something seems to have happened in the last twenty years that closed the outward gate. Few people have heard of Ortrun, and no one can leave to tell about it. The only new arrivals stumble in by accident or are drawn in by the call of the Gatekeeper, but few actually know where they've ended up until it's too late.

Some citizens of Otrun continue to teach and study, if only to gain control of their abilities and try to open the gate out again. Others search the corners of the academy to try to figure out what caused the gate to close. Still others accept their situation and make the best of it, for they do not have to hide who they are in Ortrun.

Current in-game Forecast

Note: Game play has not begun

Season: Late Summer
Time of Day: Just after sunset
Weather: Clear skies, with meteor showers predicted for the night
Moon: First Quarter

Recent updates

9/16/09: Added two newly approved characters, Ultkai and Vivian.
8/26/09: Doing some revisions and things.
8/20/09: Free from school, so I've been adding lots of the basics.
8/17/09: Wiki created

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